We have been around for more than 22 years

The group was founded in 1991. The vision at inception was to provide a solid high delivery management information systems platform on which to deploy critical Applications. That need is greater today with the explosion of the Internet and Web Applications. In 1998 Compulink embarked on a major organizational re-engineering exercise in which the vision was redefined to reflect the company's position as a significant information technology player on the Southern African scene.

Compulink offers a diverse range of information technology solutions to the financial, mining, insurance, manufacturing, retail, government, and parastatal sectors. Compulink has special relationships with the best in class international companies to achieve this. These companies are IBM, HP/ Compaq, Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, 3 Com, Krone, Molex, Trendnet and Transition. Compulink offers business solutions which are based on the following products. Solutions Offered HP, DELL,EPSON, MICROSOFT, CISCO, ALVARION, NORTON, KRONE & MOLEX Enterprise Servers, Pcs, Laptops, Printers, Licenced Wireless Communications, Structured Cabling Routing, Switching & Video Conferencing over IP, Antivirus Softwares, Messaging & Office Automation, Operating Systems

Our Corporate Phylosophy

Our Vision

Compulink's vision is to be a wor ld class Informat ion Systems Integration House, offering solid solutions backed by service excellence that e x c e e d s c u s t o m e r expectations

Our Unique Purpose

The purpose of our organization is to release into the hands of our clients a Solid knowledge management tool that creates a competitive edge while at The same time delivering the richest b u y i n g a n d own e r s h i p experience possible.

Our values

A culture of Innovation and Creativity A Learning Organization and Effective, communication Team Work, Ethical Behavior, Professionalism and Service Excellence