Computer Accessories Division

Computer Accessories

Compulink Computer Accessories team specializes in offering computer accessories. Apart from providing exceptional quick turnaround to clients on quotations the accessories team offers genuine, reliable, dependable computer accessories gives real value to clients. The team provides value for money. The computer accessories offered include computer parts and printer consumables including:

  • HP Cartridges for different specifications
  • Printer ribbons for the Epson Ranges
  • IBM Cartridges for HP printers
  • DFX 8000/8500 Printer Heads
  • Laser Jets Fuser Units
  • Laser Jets Fuser Films
  • Laser Jets Separation Pads
  • IBM 6400 mother boards
  • Shuttle
  • Jet Direct Cards
  • Heating Elements
  • Printer Cables
  • Sound Cards
  • Memory
  • Network Cards
  • VGA Cards
  • Speaker Anti Glare Screens

Our Vision

Compulink's vision is to be a wor ld class Informat ion Systems Integration House, offering solid solutions backed by service excellence that e x c e e d s c u s t o m e r expectations

Our Unique Purpose

The purpose of our organization is to release into the hands of our clients a Solid knowledge management tool that creates a competitive edge while at The same time delivering the richest b u y i n g a n d own e r s h i p experience possible.

Our values

A culture of Innovation and Creativity A Learning Organization and Effective, communication Team Work, Ethical Behavior, Professionalism and Service Excellence