AntiVirus Solutions

Antivirus Solutions

  • Antivirus installation and support for single users
  • Planning and deployment of Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition for networked Windows
  • Servers and Clients
  • Implementing a managed environment where antivirus definition and updates are done centrally and automatically deploy to the clients
  • Reduce administrative overheads by having one central location for virus management
  • Updating customers on critical tools and fixes for current viral outbreaks

Our Vision

Compulink's vision is to be a wor ld class Informat ion Systems Integration House, offering solid solutions backed by service excellence that e x c e e d s c u s t o m e r expectations

Our Unique Purpose

The purpose of our organization is to release into the hands of our clients a Solid knowledge management tool that creates a competitive edge while at The same time delivering the richest b u y i n g a n d own e r s h i p experience possible.

Our values

A culture of Innovation and Creativity A Learning Organization and Effective, communication Team Work, Ethical Behavior, Professionalism and Service Excellence