Systems Hardware/Software Support Services

The Systems Services Department offers support to all Computer Hardware, Software and printers. The objective of the division is to deploy world-class service that is reliable, dependable and that can give clients some peace of mind. The division can reach out most parts of the country with main offices in Harare and Bulawayo. The Services Division offers a wide range of products; however it also specializes in printers of various kinds through offering a world-class printer solution that assures the customer peace of mind through continued services, thereby minimizing downtime. Owing to the availability of committed, professional, reliable, and competent engineers, the services division guarantees a 24-hour, 7 days a week and 365 days a years support services to its client. The Department has Technicians and engineers who have been trained and certified by renowned Manufacturers such as IBM and HP/Compaq to man the printer section. Compulink has been accorded an IBM Warranty Service Certificate which gives it license to be a Warranty Service Provider for IBM Heavy duty Printers, Servers and PCs. Compulink Systems Division also has a Team that is responsible for deployment of solutions that includes implementation of exchange and related technologies; however the team specializes on offering Antivirus Solutions to clients, to ensure maximum security of data and hence provide peace of mind. We recommend Symantec Antivirus solution to our customers but can also assist if the client prefers other brands

Printer Support Services

The Printer Section is supported by proactive, responsive and customer centered Help Desk that provides world-class services to clients through prompt, timely reliable and consistent feedbacks to customers. It has a passion to offer total solutions to its clients; as such it also offers complimentary products that go hand in hand with the printers. Although the printer section can offer solutions for a variety of printers on request by clients, they offer specialized services for the following printer ranges: IBM 6400 Line Matrix Printers, The EPSON Range and Hewlett Packard Range

Nature of Services Offered

Installation and configuration of the above range of printers on all platforms

  • Maintenance of the above printer range
  • 24-7-365 day contracts can be arranged for those critical customers
  • Fault diagnosis and repairs of all heavy duty and light duty printers
  • Supply of spares at competitive pricing
  • Advising clients on genuine accessories, new printer technologies and upgrades

Our Vision

Compulink's vision is to be a wor ld class Informat ion Systems Integration House, offering solid solutions backed by service excellence that e x c e e d s c u s t o m e r expectations

Our Unique Purpose

The purpose of our organization is to release into the hands of our clients a Solid knowledge management tool that creates a competitive edge while at The same time delivering the richest b u y i n g a n d own e r s h i p experience possible.

Our values

A culture of Innovation and Creativity A Learning Organization and Effective, communication Team Work, Ethical Behavior, Professionalism and Service Excellence